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20 Active Chapters and 5 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
9 VAC 20‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Fast-Track Stage Published 11/26/2018
9 VAC 20‑15   Regulation for Dispute Resolution Periodic Review Completed 11/25/2019
9 VAC 20‑20   Schedule of Fees for Hazardous Waste Facility Site Certification Periodic Review Completed 7/21/2020
9 VAC 20‑30   Technical Assistance Fund Administrative Procedures Periodic Review Completed 7/21/2020
9 VAC 20‑40   Administrative Procedures for Hazardous Waste Facility Site Certification Periodic Review Completed 7/21/2020
9 VAC 20‑50   Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Criteria Periodic Review Completed 7/21/2020
9 VAC 20‑60   Hazardous Waste Regulations Final Stage Published 7/22/2019
9 VAC 20‑70   Financial Assurance Regulations for Solid Waste Disposal, Transfer and Treatment Facilities Fast-Track Stage Published 7/22/2019
9 VAC 20‑81   Solid Waste Management Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 2/15/2021
9 VAC 20‑85   Coal Combustion By-Product Regulations Periodic Review Completed 11/21/2019
9 VAC 20‑90   Solid Waste Management Permit Action Fees and Annual Fees Final Stage Published 3/18/2019
9 VAC 20‑110   Regulations Governing the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Final Stage Published 11/9/2020
9 VAC 20‑120   Regulated Medical Waste Management Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 5/27/2019
9 VAC 20‑130   Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Regulations Periodic Review Completed 6/10/2019
9 VAC 20‑140   Regulations for the Certification of Recycling Machinery and Equipment for Tax Exemption Purposes (GO TO 9 VAC 15-30 FOR FINAL EFFECTIVE REGULATIONS) Final Stage Published 7/4/2011
9 VAC 20‑150  
All actions related to this chapter are exempt from the executive branch review process.
Waste Tire End User Reimbursement Regulation
Periodic Review Completed 7/21/2020
9 VAC 20‑160   Voluntary Remediation Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 10/28/2019
9 VAC 20‑170   Transportation of Solid and Medical Wastes on State Waters Periodic Review Completed 10/17/2018
9 VAC 20‑180   [Not Adopted] Regulations Governing the Commercial Transportation of Nonhazardous Municipal Solid Waste and Regulated Medical Waste by Truck NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 8/3/2000
9 VAC 20‑190   Litter Receptacle Regulations Periodic Review Completed 11/10/2020