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Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code [13 VAC 5 ‑ 63]
Action Update the Uniform Statewide Building Code
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Comment Period Ended on 9/29/2013
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9/29/13  9:25 pm
Commenter: Jason Halbert

Strengthen the VA Building Code; Do not weaken it!!

It is really quite shocking that the Board is even considering amendments that would wekean the 2012 IECC code to be adopted in Virginia.  It's shocking because it defies logic, intelligence and even basic economics.

Improving the code will save everyone money.  Unfortunately the National Association of Homebuilders, through their Virginia affiliate, have pushed through amendments to weaken the code and therefore negatively influence homeowners, the environment and Virginia's economcy. 

Energy efficiency works. It creates jobs, saves money and reduces our impact on the environment.  Contrary to what I've heard coming from the NAHB for the past 30 years (they have an arrogant disregard for logic and common sense), people love energy efficiency.  A tighter, better built home is better for everyone!  NAHB ignores operational costs when it falsely claims that code-required efficiency improvements cost more.  Such improvements pay for themselves in a few years. 

I urge the Board to reject all insulation R-value reductions proposed. I urge the Board to require blower door and duct blast tests for all new construction. This will increase the quality, safety, reliability, and comfort of new residential construction.  I urge full adoption of the 2012 IECC Code without the weakening amendments proposed by the NAHB and it's Virginia lobbyists.  

Finally, given energy efficiency's potential to reduce dramatically our energy demand, I urge the Board to extend the public comment period on this matter for two months so that more citizens have an opportunity to voice their concerns.  Many people did not hear about this matter until last week.  Giving people 60 more days would assure the Board that ample time was allotted for public input.

Thank you for your service to Virginia.

Jason Halbert

Business owner, home owner, Virginia resident

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