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Emergency rulemaking process

Emergency regulations are effective for up to two years. Usually, an agency will promulgate an emergency regulation and, at the same time, begin a regulatory action for a permanent replacement regulation.

   See a chart of the emergency regulatory process.

   See section 2.2-4011 of the Administrative Process Act.

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Authority and scope of an emergency regulatory action

Authority: In order to promulgate an emergency regulation under § 2.2-4011 of the Code of Virginia, there must be (1) an “emergency situation” meaning there is an imminent threat to public health or safety and the regulation is not exempt, OR (2) legislation requiring that a regulation be effective in 280 days or less from its enactment, AND the regulation is not exempt per § 2.2.-4006 of the Code of Virginia.

Are you going to replace the emergency regulation with a permanent regulation?

In this case, be sure to file the Emergency/NOIRA stage as covered in the instructions below. This combined stage will save time and maximize the chance that the permanent replacement regulation will be effective by the time the emergency regulation expires (approximately one year later).

How to create an Emergency regulation and submit for executive branch review

You should have started a regulatory action and be on the "Stages" tab for the action.

Step 1:  Select Emergency/NOIRA stage or Emergency (won't be permanent) from the drop down list and enter the appropriate information:

Once this information has been entered, click the "SAVE" button.

Step 2:  Once you are ready to submit the Emergency or Emergency/NOIRA stage for executive branch review, click on the blue Submit to AG button to initiate the review process. You will be notified by email once the OAG has submitted its certification letter of assurance to the Town Hall.

Step 3:   You will be notified by email once the Attorney General's Office has completed its certification. After certification by the AG's office and you have made any necessary edits to your proposed text you will have a "Submit to DPB" button and can forward the stage on to DPB to continue the executive review process.

Once DPB has completed it's review you may submit to the Registrar's office. Emergency and Emergency/NOIRA stages become visible to the public immediately upon submission to the Registrar's office.

How to submit an Emergency or Emergency/NOIRA to the Registrar's office

Step 1:  Find the action. You can choose "My Current Actions" from the "Agency Functions Menu" or use the search box. Click on the appropriate stage link for that action to go to the "Stage Information" page.

Step 2:  Click on the "Submit to Registrar" button and enter the following information:

Once you have have entered in the necessary information click on the "Submit to Registrar" button to complete your submission. You will get a confimation page showing all the people that were notified of the submission. There will also be a new item under the document tab for thi stage called "Transmittal Sheet" which is a copy of the electronic transmittal sheet sent to the Registrar's office.

How to request an extension of an Emergency or Emergency/NOIRA

Pursuant to §2.2-4011.D of the Code of Virginia, in the event that an agency concludes that despite its best efforts, a replacement regulation [for an emergency regulation] cannot be adopted before expiration of the 18-month period..., it may seek the prior written approval of the Governor to extend the duration of the emergency regulation for a period of not more than six additional months.

Instructions  Find the action. You can choose "My Current Actions" from the "Agency Functions Menu" or use the search box. Click on the appropriate stage link for that action to go to the "Stage Information" page. If an emergency is in effect you will see an option to request an emergency extension. Upon completion and submission of this form, automated emails will go out to the Governor's office and other relevant parties. The request will also show up on the Governor's pending list. You will receive an automatic notification email once the extension has been granted.”