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Note that some agencies have specific requirements unique to them that must be met. It may be necessary to add additional sections to these forms or alter existing sections as necessary in order to meet these requirements.
Form TH-01
Last updated: October 2018
Standard stage 1/3. For a Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA).
Form TH-02
Last updated: August 2018
Standard stage 2/3. For a regulatory action at the proposed stage.
Form TH-03
Last updated: August 2018
Standard stage 3/3. For a regulatory action at the final stage.
Form TH-04
Last updated: September 2018
For rulemaking expected to be non-controversial. A one-stage process.
Form TH-05
Last updated: October 2018
For an emergency regulation, where the agency is also filing a NOIRA for a permanent replacement regulation.
Form TH-06
Last updated: August 2018
An emergency regulation has an initial effective period of 18 months and may be extended to 24 months if approved by the Governor.
Form TH-08
Last updated: January 2019
For an exempt regulatory action where a proposed stage is required by a rulemaking body's authorizing statute. This is usually not the case.
Form TH-09
Last updated: January 2019
For a regulatory action that is exempt from the APA and is being submitted for final publication. This is the standard route for filing an exempt regulation.
Form TH-10
Last updated: August 2018
For a regulatory action that needs additional review time and the allowance for an additional 60 day public comment period before the final stage.
Form TH-07
Last updated: August 2018
Following a periodic review of an existing regulation only when the Periodic Review feature has been used.