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Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions [8 VAC 20 ‑ 720]
Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
Comment Period Ended on 1/15/2014
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1/13/14  8:25 am
Commenter: Theresa Talavera

I support this amendment - parents should be notified

I have children currently in the Fairfax County Public School system and I was horrified to read that books with questionable content are being given to our children to read without any notification to parents or the opportunity to opt out.  If even the entertainment industry has regulations to try to keep children and young teens from being exposed to R rated material in the movie theaters without their parents' permission, what is our school system thinking to feed this material, which may even be better classified as X- rated, without allowing parents the opportunity to monitor and refuse it?  I do not want my children exposed to things like this in the name of education, and I am sure that most parents in the Commonwealth feel the same.  Without specific notifications for questionable books and material, most parents will not be aware of what exactly is being used in their children's curricula throughout all their classes, so it does not make sense to assume that parents can closely monitor and investigate every book assigned to each of their children, but books that are questionable need to be pointed out so all parents are aware of the potential issues.

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