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Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
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12/19/13  2:20 pm

Reading material should be age appropriate-porn is not

Y-E-H, for those parents who stood up and fought for this change. I have read some of the excerpts from books like Dreaming in Cuban and Blue Eyes that are on the suggested reading lists.  These are clearly pornography, meant to stimulate the reader and not something that I can support for high school students.  When I met with a group of adults and shared some excerts from these books to see how others felt, I made a grown man blush, and he asked me to stop, saying that he didn't want to hear anymore. 

The problem is that there are books on the suggested reading lists that simply are not age appropriate, and reading this kind of "stuff" only gives kids ideas that it is normal and okay to to engage in those kinds of activity, when parents are encourage their children not to.

After reading some of the comments placed on this site by educators  to not support this issue, I would like to remind them that parents have the right to say what their children are taught or not taught, especially when it goes against normal moral behavior.  For several decades, now, the government has been heaping parental responsibilty onto teachers--that is also not right--so I understand why teachers might think this is their choice, but it is time for parents to put thier foot down and take back the education of their children.  I STONGLY SUPPORT THIS ISSUE!.

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