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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/27/23  1:25 am
Commenter: J. Arslan

NO to any Waivers. YES to a NoVA Moratorium on Data Center Approval & Construction.

DEQ's mandated mission is to protect the environment and to prevent pollution: DEQ must deny requests for these air quality waivers. The data industry has self-created a highly foreseeable problem. Put this industry under moratorium, and require it to re-evaluate site selection criteria and decision processes. The industry must be willing document its ability to meet or exceed all mandated environmental standards before requesting any approvals. The era of this industry's 'proprietary data' spiel' should be declared 'dead'.

The electrical capacity of this region was known to the industry. How could it choose to locate where there is insufficient electric power to enable operation year-round? Incredible! Such an illogical decision is equivalent to a domestic moving company selecting a central headquarters and repair terminal in a remote location, without access to major paved roads and highways. Crazy!

Dominion had to have foreseen this scenario - shame on it for not sounding an alarm for needed for regional planning and assessment. But then, it stands to make increased profit, and at citizens expense.  Under this lens, 'self-monitoring' by either industry is frightening.

DEQ should issue a moratorium on data center approval and construction. The moratorium would remain in place until data centers cooperate with the state and localities to ensure they will optimally locate.  Does DEQ and the State of Virginia know where optimal sites might be? If not - why not? Where can industry's impacts to water quality and quantity, noise, air-quality, electric capacity and demands, be accommodated without harm to citizens and the environment on which we depend? DEQ, your job is to know the answer and fulfill your mission to Virginia citizens . 

Thank you for the ability to publicly comment.

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