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Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling [18 VAC 115 ‑ 20]
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7/23/22  7:46 pm
Commenter: William

Wrong Answer for a Needed Change

I understand the desire for a change in designation for Counselors who are working on becoming licensed. I am graduating with my Master's in Counseling in a few weeks, so I am certainly invested in this issue.

I am inclined not to share some of the more extreme concerns here that this change is possibly intentionally designed to mislead the public, or that it would lead to mass confusion - at least not any more mass confusion than our current system. This leads to my next point.

I do agree that the terminology should change. The term "Resident" in general is confusing, and not used by other mental health professions aside from Psychiatry, which of course is medical doctors. We are confusing some members of the public into thinking our background is more like that of a medical doctor than a therapist. Again, an unintentional issue I am sure, but I think we do need a new term. I do not like this term because I agree with concerns from others that it is easy to think that LPC-R means fully licensed. Perhaps we could simply come up with another term. Perhaps Supervisee in Professional Counseling (SPC or S-PC), Professional Counseling Supervisee, Professional Counselor in Training, or Pre-licensed Professional Counselor (Pre-LPC). I believe these terms are more clear. I do appreciate the idea of a shorter abbreviation.

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