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11/5/21  8:45 pm
Commenter: Ryan Dudley

Assessment for Services (All Crises Services

Assessment for Services (All Crisis Services)

LOCUS assessment had been identified in the earliest phases of the system redesign and eventually placed in the initial Draft Regs (ending Sept. 30th) but removed in this version.  That assessment or one like it was essential to enable seamless transition of care between Crisis Services.  At the DMAS trainings on Oct. 28th and 29th, it was shared that the LOCUS has not been ruled out (but no longer in the current regulations). 


Concern on impact as the 3 assessments available including transition thru continuum for 23hr & CSU:

  1. Comprehensive Services Assessment - recognized as not being an efficient or effective use of time identifying immediate needs in crisis services; but rather serves as a billing requirement.  This is unnecessary restrictive option, is cumbersome and affects immediate access to identified treatment.  
  2. Prescreening Assessment within 72hrs.  Thus far it appears that even with a Prescreening evaluation, that the addendum to be completed must be conducted by an LMHP type “at the start of services”.  Please, any feedback”.  Duplicative and inconsistent with initial intent.
  3. A “DBHDS approved assessment” – not yet approved or yet presented. It was shared that it may allow a more seamless transition across crisis services, however specifics unknown. Hopeful that importance is recognized.  

The redundancy and inability to streamline processes to improve engagement during crises affects immediate access to specific interventions for reimbursement purposes rather than care.  Unwise use of limited licensed workforce AND overall workforce and efforts to with intervention.  It will detract from the services needed immediately without adding value to care experience.  


Indicates that assessment must occur at “the start of services”.  Clarification is needed – do not add requirements that do not add value to the client or affect immediate engagement.  Particularly duplicative after this level of care may have just been identified.

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