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Child Day-Care Council
Pursuant to Chapter 803 of the 2012 Acts of Assembly the Child Day-Care Council is no longer a board within the Department of Social Services. For regulations applicable to child day-care click here
chapters board activity
0 Active / Under Development Chapters and 9 Inactive / Repealed Chapters
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
Inactive (Repealed / Renumbered / Withdrawn / Expired)
22 VAC 15‑10   Public Participation Guidelines (Repealed) Final Stage Published 10/27/2008
22 VAC 15‑11   Public Participation Guidelines (Repealed) Fast-Track Stage Published 5/20/2013
22 VAC 15‑20   General Procedures and Information for Licensure (Repealed) Final Stage Published 8/9/2004
22 VAC 15‑30   Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers (Renumbered) NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 8/20/2012
22 VAC 15‑31   Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers (Repealed)    
22 VAC 15‑40   Minimum Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers Serving School Age Children (Repealed)    
22 VAC 15‑50   Regulation for Criminal Record Checks for Child Welfare Agencies (Repealed) Final Stage Published 8/9/2004
22 VAC 15‑51   Background Checks for Licensed Child Day Centers (Repealed) Fast-Track Stage Published 2/10/2014
22 VAC 15‑60   Standards and Regulations for Licensed Child Day Center Systems (Repealed) Final Stage Published 10/7/2002