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Onsite Sewage Regulations [12 VAC 5 ‑ 611]    (Withdrawn)
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Adopt new performance-based regulations pertaining to locating, designing, constructing and operating onsite sewage systems.
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/13/2008 and Ended on 11/12/2008

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Comment Title Commenter
Onsite systems Jeff T. Walker  11/12/08  10:57 pm
Noone knows soil better than a Soil Scientist Nan Gray  11/12/08  9:42 pm
Why are so many systems failing? Harry Homeowner  11/12/08  8:29 pm
12 VAC 5-611 NOIRA / Michael D. McCulley, Jr., Premier Tech Environment  11/12/08  4:49 pm
Agree with Larry Baldwin Ryan Reed, CPSS #177, President - Virginia Association of Soil Scientists  11/12/08  4:06 pm
Virginia Certified Professional Soil Scientists Ian R. Kaufman, Senior Soil Scientist, Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.  11/12/08  4:00 pm
Comments concerning 12 VAC 5-11 Larry F. Baldwin - President, National Society Consulting Soil Scientists  11/12/08  3:00 pm
Need a fundamental change in regulatory approach NOT just an update of current regulations! Anish Jantrania, NCS Wastewater Solutions, Responsible Management Entity  11/12/08  5:45 am
O&M does not make a bad site work Karl Rudolph, Concerned Citizen  11/7/08  2:12 pm

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