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Onsite Sewage Regulations [12 VAC 5 ‑ 611]
Action Adopt new performance-based regulations pertaining to locating, designing, constructing and operating onsite sewage systems.
Comment Period Ended on 11/12/2008
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11/12/08  9:42 pm
Commenter: Nan Gray

Noone knows soil better than a Soil Scientist

I was among those Professional Soil Scientists who took their unpaid time to discuss with the VDH personnel the differences between shale fragments versus sandstone, limestone or other types of rock fragments and why some of them were not suitable. The determination of the type of rock fragments and what quantities of such constituted an unsuitable site stymied the progress of how to use the site. When the soils part of the equation was added to the consideration of how soil water or sewage moved through the soils/rock fragments, discussions where suspended. It seems that that three dimensional, unique training Soil Scientists have can only be appreciated by those of us in the Natural Sciences.

Noone will ever know Soil Science better than Soil Scientists. Our training combines Soils, Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Geology, Botany, Patterns of Nature, Hydrology, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Erosion probability, Natural and Artificial Landscapes and how to put all that together for Interpretation and Use of a site for any purpose.

Waste management and waste treatment in soils are just other applications of Soil Science that require Soil Scientists. Noone else can adequately understand the before or after consequences of misusing a soil. A wrong diagnosis and wrong prescription of land use destroy the health of a soil.To protect the Health, Welfare and Safety of our citizens of the Commonwealth, as many of us have sworn to do, is to protect our Soils, as well. Do not treat Soil like dirt- Consult a Professional Soil Scientist.

Nan Gray, MSc

Certified Professional Soil Scientist

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