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General Notice: Draft Mental Health Services Provider Manual

CLOSED     Opened on 8/30/2021 and Ended on 9/29/2021

The draft Mental Health Services (Behavioral Therapy Program Supplement) Provider Manual is now available on the DMAS website for public comment until September 29, 2021.

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Comment Title Commenter
This is going to hit hardest for Virginians who are people of color and/or have ASD Hannah Robicheau, Compass Behavioral Solutions  9/20/21  9:52 am
End of an era for home-based ABA? Kathleen O'Neil MS LBA - Compass  9/20/21  10:42 am
Lowered quality of treatment for home-based ABA Kathleen O'Neil MS LBA - Compass  9/20/21  10:43 am
Impacts of Proposed Regulation Changes on Ability to Provide High Quality ABA Services Lauren Fraedrich, LBA - Compass Behavioral Solutions  9/23/21  2:51 pm
Impacting the Quality of ABA Services Alea Finnemore, LBA (Compass Behavioral Solutions)  9/27/21  11:32 am
The right thing to do vs the easy thing to do. Sessions in the home vs in clinic. Stefania Fabbri, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PhD (Compass)  9/29/21  10:17 pm

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