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Petition 39
Petition Information
Petition Title Regulations for marriage & family therapists
Date Filed 8/10/2006   
Petitioner Arnold Woodruff, M.S. for the Virginia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 
Petitioner's Request

To amend regulations to: 1) require that at least 1/2 of the required 100 hours of supervision be provided by a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT) qualified as a supervisor; and 2) eliminate provision that allows a licensed professional counselor to become a MFT without taking the national examination.

Agency's Plan

At its meeting on Friday, November 3, 2006, the Board will consider whether to recommend amendments to the requirements for supervision and licensure of marriage and family therapists.

Comment Period Began 9/4/2006    Ended 10/4/2006
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change    
Response Date 12/1/2006
Agency Decision Summary

The Board has concurred that: 1) at least 100 of the 200 required hours of supervision should be by a licensed M&FT bringing the standard into symmetry with that of LPC’s; and 2) all applicants for MFT licensure should be required to take the national MFT exam. The Board has agreed to proceed with a Notice of Intended Regulatory Action to amend regulations accordingly.

Associated regulatory action Response to petition for rule-making
Latest Stage: Final