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Petition 288
Petition Information
Petition Title Qualifications for registration as a QMHP-C
Date Filed 12/28/2018   
Petitioner Michelle Morganegg 
Petitioner's Request

To revise regulations to accept a bachelor's degree in criminology and criminal justice to qualify for registration as a QMHP-C and to accept supervised experience obtained in another state.

Agency's Plan

In accordance with Virginia law, the petition will be filed with the Register of Regulations and published on January 21, 2019 with comment requested until February 20, 2019.  It will also be placed on the Virginia Regulatory Townhall and available for comments to be posted electronically. At its first meeting following the close of comment, scheduled for May 31, 2019, the Board will consider the request to amend regulations and all comment received in support or opposition.

The Board is currently in the process of replacing the emergency regulations for QMHPs with permanent regulations. It has already proposed to add a provision allowing for acceptance of supervision obtained in another state provided that supervision was provided by a mental health professional licensed in Virginia or licensed in that jurisdiction, so that part of the petition has already been addressed.


Comment Period Began 1/21/2019    Ended 2/20/2019
Virginia Register Announcement Submitted on 12/28/2018
The Virginia Register of Regulations
Published on: 1/21/2019     Volume: 35  Issue: 11
Agency Decision Take no action    
Response Date 5/31/2019
Decision Publication Date Published on: 6/24/2019     Volume: 35  Issue: 22
Agency Decision Summary

At its meeting today, the Board discussed the request to amend regulations and voted not to initiate rulemaking.  In its adoption of final regulations to replace the emergency regulations currently in effect, the Board has already proposed an amendment to accept supervised experience obtained in another U. S. jurisdiction, so a further amendment is unnecessary to respond to that aspect of the petition.

While the guidance document (115-8) does not list criminology as a related degree for QMHP registration, it does say that: "The Board may consider other degrees in human services or in fields related to the provision of mental health services.” Therefore, it is possible that an applicant's coursework may be sufficient to determine that the applicant is qualified in the provision of mental health services.


Contact Information
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