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Petition 173
Petition Information
Petition Title Qualification of supervisors
Date Filed 7/26/2012    [Transmittal Sheet]
Petitioner Gerard Lawson 
Petitioner's Request


We are proposing that the language of 18VAC115-20-52.C.3 Residency be changed to read:
Shall hold an active, unrestricted license as a professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, or substance abuse treatment practitioner, school psychologist, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, or psychiatrist in the jurisdiction where the supervision is being provided. At least 100 hours of the supervision shall be rendered by a licensed professional counselor.

Agency's Plan


In accordance with Virginia law, the petition will be filed with the Register of Regulations and published on August 27, 2012 with comment requested until September 21, 2012. It will also be placed on the Virginia Regulatory Townhall and available for comments to be posted electronically.  At its first meeting following the close of comment, which is scheduled for November 16, 2012, the Board will consider the request to amend regulations and all comment received in support or opposition. 
Comment Period Began 8/27/2012    Ended 9/21/2012
Virginia Register Announcement Submitted on 7/26/2012
The Virginia Register of Regulations
Published on: 8/27/2012     Volume: 28  Issue: 26
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change    
Response Date 7/6/2018
Decision Publication Date Published on: 8/6/2018     Volume: 34  Issue: 25
Agency Decision Summary

The Board is supportive of the amendment and has already included the change in its recommendation for a proposal pursuant to its periodic review of that regulation.  Action of the periodic review will move forward after the Board completes the Regulatory Reform Project initiated by the Governor.

Associated regulatory action Periodic review 11
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