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General Permit for Use of Surficial Aquifer on the Eastern Shore [under development] [9 VAC 25 ‑ 910]
Action Creation of a General Permit for Use of the Surficial Aquifer on the Eastern Shore
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12/9/19  10:47 am
Commenter: Elaine K. N. Meil, Eastern Shore of Virginia Groundwater Committee

Columbia NOIRA Comments
Dear Mr. Kudlas;

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Ground Water Committee (Committee) met and approved of the following six comments for 9VAC25-910 & 9VAC25-610 Notice of Intended Regulatory Action. These comments and requests are intended to make a simple, clear, and timely process that increases the incentive for users to promote Columbia Aquifer use on the Eastern Shore and by doing so preserve the Yorktown Aquifer.

 1.       Wells with a depth or 80’ or less should be considered Columbia wells and regulated under the general permit. This depth would describe the Columbia in most areas of the Eastern Shore.

2.       Applicants should estimate the withdrawal amount for mitigation purposes. The justification of this request should be kept as simple as possible. The committee requests the justification be applicant declaration.

3.       The permit term should be 15 years or 30 years. The Committee prefers 15 years.

4.       The Committee requests DEQ to establish one general permit reporting schedule for all applicants based on a quarterly meter reading. The general permit should include an election for the applicants to receive prompts from DEQ by email or mail. Applicants should be prompted by DEQ on a quarterly basis to read their meters and receive DEQ follow up when applicants fail to report back. No other reporting should be required.

5.       An automated technical evaluation should be completed by DEQ based on a latitude and longitude description of the well.

6.       The general permit shall be issued upon completion of the application within 60 days.

The following items were considered by the Committee at the November 19, 2019 meeting. Member Muhly made the motion. Seconded by Member Hershey the motion passed unanimously.

Thank you for this opportunity to submit these comments and requests.

Elaine K. N. Meil

Secretary, Eastern Shore of Virginia Groundwater Committee

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