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4/11/19  12:23 pm
Commenter: Tiffany Goodman

Conversion Therapy Does More Harm Than Good
Conversion therapy has a very, very small chance if ever being helpful. Many times the only reason people agree to go to such sessions are because they were forced to by their parents or they saw themselves as "different" or "freaks" for having such feelings. Conversion therapy is only good for insighting fear and traumatizing children and young adults, it does not actually change someone's sexual identity. And if they claim that it does, it is only to stop the sheer torture that these individuals are forced to experience. Conversion therapy does nothing and will continue to do nothing because you can not change someone's sexual identity or orientation. You can not change how someone feels about such topics. Converison therapy is barbaric and tortures today's youth because they do not follow the traditional societal norms. It needs to be stopped immediately.
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