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4/10/19  7:57 am
Commenter: John Andrews


The reality of most adolescent years is that we struggle with who we are, what we want to be, and whether our lives have meaning.  It is most common to wonder if we match up to the gender we were born with.  The biological realities of our gender are very clear and the most compassionate thing a counsellor can do is to help a young person realize his or her potential in the bodies they were given.  I am not a Dr. but the process of gender reassignment must be a very difficult and probably painful (both physically and emotionally).  

Young people are generally confused about life and what they will become, but to make such radical changes when life is still in flux emotionally is not real wisdom.  To limit the type of counselling given is to take responsibility for the life these folks will have to live.  

An agenda that puts aside the best interest of an individual by giving no alternatives is despicable.  Why would anyone want to be responsible for bad decisions made that create harmful psychological issues.  You think you know what is best and that is really frightening.  Government is to protect its constituents, not conform them to what it thinks is best by their so-called "compassionate" thinking.  Just a casual look at the changing psychological profiles of young people as they mature should prevent anyone from believing that they should guide anyone to such a radical decision early in life that data may suggest does irreparable harm later in life.

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