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Regulations of the Virginia Board of Optometry [18 VAC 105 ‑ 20]
Action Changes to continuing education
Comment Period Ends 12/30/2015
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12/1/15  7:47 pm
Commenter: James Colgain, OD USAF

Mixed Review

I support a change that enables excess CE hours to be rolled over to the following year.  Awarding "credit" for practice management is a reasonable change since areas such as patient satisfaction, team building and business sense are critical to professional success. The current TPA hours and specifics of CE in the current law are sufficient.  Mandating the manner of CE is counterintuitive to professionals who everyday have to are trusted with decisions regarding patient diagnosis, treatment and referrals...can't those same professionals make a decision as to which type of CE is best for their practice and learning style?  I would hope that doctors continue to attend live lectures, not because they are "required or mandated" but because the "hallway conversations and professional exchange that occurs at these events is so valuable in learing from one another".  As both an attendee and lecturer at many CE events, over the years, I can assure you that just being in the audience does not guarantee an avid learner.  However, if a professional, who is able to chose when and where and what type to CE they want to attend, either online / live or a combination can make that decision independent of burdensome or restrictive regulations you will have a motivated learner.  Today's learning opportunities will only continue to grow online and with other media we cannot now imagine.  Let's not restrict this growth and opportunity with restrictive regulation.   

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