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10/11/11  10:45 pm
Commenter: Christine

Faith Based Organizations Must Be Protected

I can certaintly understand the desire to allow same sex couples to adopt children. I can also see how it might be considered discrimination to not allow same sex couples to adopt children. My personal feelings aside, it must be pointed out that to force faith based organizations to go against their own beliefs would also be considered discrimination against the religious organizations. If you will want to end discrimination in regards to adoption then all parties involved must be protected. The faith based adoption agencies should not be required to place children with couples that viloate that faith's precepts (rather it be jewish, christian, muslim, etc...). There are plenty of non faith based agencies that can meet those needs.

The birth families must also be protected. Birth families' right to choose whomever they would like to out of the available couples must be maintained. A birth family should always have the right to place a child with a family that has similar family values to their own family (or one that has values that the birth family wishes they had).

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