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10/11/11  8:48 pm
Commenter: C.E. Johnson

No discrimination--for the sake of the kids

Too many children are stuck in the system waiting for good homes for any of us to afford to turn away ethcial, loving, capable parents who want to give them a home. It is in the best interest of the children, the commonwealth of Virginia, and the cause of equality and fairness for all to protect all citizens 

Religious freedom is an essential right, and each and every one of us deserves to practice religion as we choose. But there are instances where one person's religious freedom is another person's religious oppression. It is not the place of the state to privilege one individual's or organization's religious belief system over all others. 

And please let us not forget that stripping away the anti-discrimination language would also allow these state-licensed agencies to refuse to place CHILDREN who they believe are the wrong faith, wrong sexual orientation, wrong age, and wrong ability. And yes, there are gay, bisexual, and transgender kids out there who need homes too. 

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