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10/11/11  8:23 pm
Commenter: Lance Warren

Religious freedom and what's best for kids...

Please continue to retain the current adoption guidelines that in the state of Virginia.

Through thousands of years of human history, via the Scriptures of all major faiths and corroborated by social science, experience, nature (i.e., two halves of human reality) and common sense, children have always thrieved best, both physically, intellectually, and spiritually when raised by an in-tact, monogamous, heterosexual, and mutually committed mom and dad (i.e., XX & XY).

In addition, folks who seek to redefine the boundaries of adoption hasten (knowingly or unknowingly) the ending of state funding for faith-based adoption groups (e.g., state of Illinois child welfare department in relation to the Catholic Charities, etc.) who don't agree with placing children in same-sex (or maybe someday polygamist, poly-amorous, etc.) households.

Lance Warren


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