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10/11/11  6:21 pm
Commenter: kh

lgbt adoption

    Sadly as gay and lesbien people today we continue to fight for equality.  I am proud that I am able to give a voice as a lesbian in Virginia who has attempted to adopte here in Virginia, but was unable due to my sexuality and that my partner and I live together under one roof.  Even in todays world here in this state our goverment and the people of Virginia are scared of what could be a positive, healthy, loving, caring, enviroment for those LGBT family's who want childern in there life.

    Please change the laws that restrict loving people; just like hetrosexuls; LGBT's are stable, loving, and caring.  Stop believing what so many hetrosexual people think of LGBT's as parents.  Start looking at statical evidence based practices!  Start looking at the people closest to you, brothers, sisters, friends who are gay and you will see we are the "same", and we all love.

    Please change the laws for all people to give the love they have to those who need it most.

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