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10/11/11  5:43 pm
Commenter: P Fowler

Virginia’s Child Services Transformation took the stand that all children deserve to live in a permanent home. I agree that congregate care deprives a child of the chance to develop strong, life-long connections with a family. Unfortunately, there are still too many children in group homes, or who have not yet found foster or adoptive homes. What a shame that the State Board wants to add discriminatory regulations that would prohibit loving, capable families from being considered for foster and adoptive homes. The time has come to screen potential foster and adoptive families for the parenting qualities that really matter. Sexual orientation is not one of them. I raised two children who were not my biological children. Both are now successful, independent men. I am very proud of them both.  I can testify that it isn’t a parent’s sexual orientation that matters. It’s the love, guidance and security that children get from their “parents” that counts.
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