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10/11/11  4:39 pm
Commenter: Kimberly Miller

Put the children first

It's amazing how many false statements are made on a daily basis to sway opinions.  A person can feel like they are riding a teeter-totter...not knowing what the truth on the topic is.  For every study out there saying it's a bad idea...there's another one right behind it saying that allowing children to grow up in a gay family will bring no harm.  I'm not a scientist, or an expert.  I can't medically say one way or the other.  But here' s MY truth.  I'm a gay woman who wants to have a child more than words can express.  At this time, it may not be medically possible.  In order for me to adopt, my wife and I will have to move to another state to start our family.  Please, tell me how this makes sense?  I'm a Navy brat, a very proud daughter of a wonderful man who served this country and still does today.  My family all live in the state of VA.  They pay their taxes, plan on retiring and continuing their lives here.  My wife's family also lives in VA. They have been here since the beginning of time, it seems, and you have generations of law abiding, tax paying VA citizens to love a child and give it the family it deserves.  We are a huge family.  And we are all here.  But you would have us go.  You would rather a child stay in a home with people who will never love them the way we could.  You would rather a child stay wanting and wishing and hoping, instead of coming home to a life filled with love and support.  You have claimed to put the child first when the decision was originally made, but how can you say that when you can't imagine the love and happiness they could feel with us?  If you truely put the child first, then I could be picking him or her up from their after school activities instead of writing to you, and begging you to give me that chance.  Please make the change.  It's time.

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