Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
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10/11/11  3:01 pm
Commenter: Robert J. Smith

Proposed Regulations

I stronly urge that the currently approved regulations remain intact and not be mofified to require that organizations such as Catholic Charities would be required to modify their standards for adoption in violation of the Church's basic tenets.  Many licensed child-placing agencies, including those of Virginia's two Catholic dioceses, profess deeply held convictions and religious beliefs regarding the institution of marriage, the family unit, and human sexuality. These agencies have the right, under federal and state law, to make determinations according to their convictions and beliefs. Just as importantly, many birthparents and prospective adoptive parents hold these convictions and beliefs too, and they should certainly be able to work with agencies that share their values. Do not change these rules to effectively require the disengagement of these organizations in this critical mission, ie the adoption of those unwanted.

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