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10/11/11  2:57 pm
Commenter: Alexandra Winters

Anti Discrimination Policies

As a crisis counselor and aspiring social worker I have seen too many children that have grown up in dysfunctional homes regardless of the fact that the majority of them are straight homes. I have seen throughout my experiences that it does not matter what race, or sexual orientation the parent is- just that they are given a loving home in which to thrive.  Also, I have experiences with many LGBT friends who have adopted a child and maintained a warm, positive atmosphere for the children and everyone involved.  Our duty should be to the children to provide them with a safe place to grow up.  Too often, potential adoptive children are left without a home, and if there is a positive home environment in which they could be placed in, the issue should not even be debatable.  Once a family applies for adoption, they are always thoroughly investigated to find out if the home environment is safe or not.  These are the only rules that should apply to all couples seeking an adoptive child.  Let's not allow our ignorance or bigotry determine a child's future!

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