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10/11/11  1:12 pm
Commenter: Robert and Elisabeth L. Hall

Faith Based adoption orgs have a mandate from the birth parents!

Faith based adoption organizations must not be required to place children in homes which do not meet their guidelines for a stable environ for these precious babies.  Speak about stepping on tiny toes!!!  The birth parents, and some times grandparents/guardians of these precious little boys and girls have entrusted their tiny " flesh and blood " to the hands of licensed, faith-based adoption agencies.  Their desire is that of having them placed in specific types of homes correlating with their family's faith and religious beliefs.  Government intervention will have gone way too far if these beliefs and intentions are neutralized or smashed. 

We urge CAUTION concerning whose voices you heed in this matter.  The loudest,  largest voice may have nothing to do with the good of each individual child.  Statistics concerning the stability of gay alliances or marriages is not good, nor is personal length of life expectancy due to the undeniable negative physical ramifications of such unions.  Scientifically and emotionally, please protect these babies given into care of Virginia's Faith Based Adoption Agencies! 


Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hall

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