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10/11/11  10:23 am
Commenter: Susan McCready

Freedom for people of Faith

The horrific bigotry against people of Faith must stop.  Faith based organizations have long been the backbone of organized charitable actions and bodies across the globe, and for the government to attempt to FORCE them to act against their religious tenets and beliefs is appalling.  The martyrs have stood against the state before in witness to Christ, and I have no doubt we will do so again; what a shame it would be for Virginia to take the role of Nero, and what a shame it would be for countless children to suffer the consequences of mis-guided, wrong-headed political correctness.  You can call a toaster a chair; it doesn't make it such.  And you can pretend to redefine marriage with a jack-booted, back-door government fiat, but you ontologically redefine nothing.  To force Faith based organizations, who are doing magnificent work, to close their doors would be yet-again another government backed crime against humanity.  Good luck picking up the pieces of the mess you will be making.  PLEASE, uphold what has always been our local, state, and federal right to freedom of religion and conscience therein; Faith based agencies must retain this freedom, or the crumbling commences exponentially as the First Ammendment folds.

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