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10/11/11  9:49 am
Commenter: Patrick Smith

Preserve religious freedom

As a father of 4 children, as a veteran, as a former educator, and as a practicing Catholic Christian, I believe faith based agencies, and specifically Catholic agencies, should be allowed to operate their adoption policies in accordance with their religious principles and not be forced to withdraw vital social services because of misplaced government regulations.  I also believe it to be a disservice to the children involved to be enculturated in a lifestyle which imposes norms and morays which are inconsisent with historical religious principles.   The legal machinations to include language which establishes separate and additional legal categories and protections or benefits based on sexual orientation conflict with historical American jurisprudence in addition to historical Judeo- Christian and Islamic teachings.  The imposition of cultural relativism has encouraged the misinterpretation of fundamental and natural law permitting and promoting special categorical protections to individuals based on voluntary sexual orientation.  The right course, the natural law course, is the historical, biological, and religious definition of family without strenuous misinterpretations of what constitutes a family and without developing new and special protections and categories based on newly discovered or progressive definitions of family.  The majority vote to exclude questionable protected status and categories based on sexual orientation is religiously correct and constitutionally solid.  Please do not change this to appease a fluctuating and amorphous relativistic definition of what is "good for the children" because it is good for some mislead adults.     

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