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10/11/11  8:22 am
Commenter: A M Floyd

Preserve Religious Freedom
Please reject the proposed regulation that would discriminate against faith-based child placement agencies by forcing them to adopt children to homosexuals or cease performing their mission of helping children.
The purpose of adoption is to give children the best possible outcome – and it has always been in the state's interest to adopt children to a stable, loving home with both a mother and a father.
Virginia should not burden agencies with any regulations which threaten their ability to find children homes with loving mothers and fathers. 
Faith-based agencies provide vital services to our communities. They must be allowed to continue the great work they are doing.  It is my belief the proposed regulation would both discriminate against faith-based ministries and deny children their best hope and opportunity. 
It is in the best interest of children to be placed with both a mom and a dad.
Thank you for allowing me to make my comment.
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