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10/10/11  8:11 pm
Commenter: Mrs. Pilar Jones

Preserve Religious Freedom!

The government MUST stay out of religion. This means that the government must not force religious agencies and organization to go against their convictions.  The government has a responsibility to protect religious groups, just as it is too look after the welfare of all children.  If theses agencies are forced to place children into homosexual households, the government will in fact be shutting down many agencies who are integral to the wellbeing of not only children, but society as a whole.  Thus, clearly doing much more harm than good and why? Simply to satisfy the cries of a very small percentage of people who want to force their lifestyle choices on innocent children who deserve to have a mother and father.  This is simple natural law.  The traditional family is the cornerstone of every civilized society and there is no disputing the facts of thousands of years of civilization.

Please protect religious freedom for all.

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