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10/10/11  1:32 pm
Commenter: Reluctantly anonymous

Try to tell my healthy, happy 5 year old that I am unfit....

I work very hard to respect others opinions, fears, faith, beliefs, etc.  I appreciate the passion behind every persons value and belief system.

While it is possible to find some piece/s of information to justify, support, etc. our cause this is too easy.  We must challenge ourselves to listen, read, study those other sources that offer information that challenges are core system.  Only through honestly and openly (without a predispostiion) evaluating facts, research, current studies, etc. will we learn.  Only listening or reading one source of information is blind and lacks courage.

We have seen throughout history, for example, Women deemed unfit or unqualified to vote.  So, women out there against LBGT you think you are unfit or unqualified to vote?  Aren't YOU glad that someone had the courage to "update" their knowledge, challenge their thinking and stand up to fight for your right to vote...AND WIN it?  Yes, you are.

You can argue that voting is "different"  or that  "blacks being allowed to go into the same restroom" - or "whites and blacks being allowed to marry" and so forth is different, but the fundamental principle of it all, is NOT.  It's equal rights.

If you tried to tell my daughter that I was unfit or unqualified to be her mommy, whe would respectfully suggest that you need help.

Stop living in fear.  Stop living in your own comfort.  Start researching all sides.  The truth TODAY will tell you that gay is no longer on the disablities list, being gay is very likely genetic, gay people are just as qualified to adopt and raise healthy, happy, successful children...actually this has been the results of scientific research for 30 years now.  Get educated.  Get updated.  Why Not?

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