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9/23/11  9:37 pm
Commenter: Michael R.

Preserve Religious Freedom

Preserve Religious Freedom,

This bill is not "for the children", rather it is explicitly against our right to practice our belief.  The bill has nothing to do with the rights of children (or for gays that matter) but is against those of us who believe that a family needs a father and a mother and not just anyone loosely qualified.  We have a right to express our beliefs and to practice our beliefs.  Especially since it is protected by our Constitution. 

Since many faith-based agencies exist (among others that are not), this bill would attempt to curtail only those faith-based agencies that believe marriage between a man and a woman could only be natural and lead only to a natural family.  In essence the bill would be preventing those of faith from practicing our beliefs even in our own religious communities.  We must be allowed to practice and express our beliefs even if it is only in our own singular communities or we become a nation without diversity.

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