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9/16/11  10:55 pm
Commenter: Kevin Golden

Get over it, people.

If there were any reason to believe that it's harmful to children to be raised by people with "other" sexualities, there would be some justification for the position of the "religious" people.  But there just isn't.  There is no connection between sexuality and parenting skills.  There are good gay parents and bad straight parents. 

It's time for those who claim to be religious to get over themselves and acknowledge that what they claim to be deeply held spiritual beliefs are nothing more than simple bigotry.  The state of Virginia should be working to push past this 17th century thinking; at the very least the state should not support it. 

There should be no discrimination of any kind allowed in adoptions or foster home decisions.  Many times the best choice for a child is a home with gay parents.  Admit it, and let's move on to more important things. 

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