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9/15/11  9:34 am
Commenter: Angela Fortunato

preserve religious freedom

Separation of church and state means that the state may not promote any specific religion, it does not mean that you cannot follow the conviction of your faith.  As a Roman Catholic, I/we believe marriage is between a man and a women, period.  Agencies that are faith based in placing children have the freedom to place these children in balanced families (i.e. one husband, one wife), this is what we believe and our soldiers have died in defending this and other rights - as a person giving my child up for adoption, I am drawn to agencies that are faithbased because I want the best for my child, and would be satisfied at this most difficult time in life to know that my child is being placed as I would want.  If I cannot count on an agency placing my child in a home of my liking, then I am forced to keep my child with me under circumstances that may not assist this child to grow into a responsible adult.

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