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9/14/11  10:40 pm
Commenter: D Blomber

Preserve Freedom of Faith Based Organizations' Rights

This is a decision our founding fathers would be proud of.  People need to take a REAL history lesson.  This country was founded on the principle of religious FREEDOM from STATE interference.  Clearly - there are other organizations that are offering what others want.  They can and they do.  Preserving the rights of faith based organizations to opertate within their beliefs is the FAIR and RIGHT JUDGEMENT with regards to THEM.   Faith based organizations do a great service to, for and with our country.  Forcing them and prospective clients to adopt views other than what they believe and want for children would go against their conscience and would be a CLEAR violation of THEIR RIGHTS - in other words - WRONG.    Freedom of religion is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT in the USA...>   

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