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9/14/11  7:23 pm
Commenter: Nicole Peters

Same Sex Adoption

I have spent 21 years of my life growing up in a community that has just recently come to terms with interracial adoption. It sickens me that Virginia is now trying to say that its LGBT citizens cannot provide an adequete home for a child to grow up in. This is the same fight that my my parents fought to adopt me. Isn't love better than abuse? Isn't a safe enviornment better than one where INFANTS are subjected to drugs and other dangerous factors? The day someone tries to tell me that a child would be better in a life threatening environment than with loving parents REGARDLESS of their sexual orientation is the day I lose faith in America's and Virginia's foundations. It is discrimination that not only affects adults, but the children as well. And when we have lost sight of the children we have failed as a society.

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