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9/12/11  2:42 pm
Commenter: Leslie Anderson

Anti-discrimination amendments

I support the reconsideration of the rules and approval of the rules to the Social Services regulations regarding adoption which prohibit discrimination.  For many years, individuals who were gay have been able to adopt in Virginia.  I believe this policy affirms and makes consistent a practice which has occurred in Virginia for many, many years although not necessarily in all jurisdictions or by all agencies.  I have witnessed many gay individuals do a wonderful job in raising children- their own, foster children, and adoptive children.  The obstacles they face are many, but they often persevere inspite of all those issues.  Having worked many years in foster care, I know they have often been available to adopt children in foster care that no one else was willing to adopt. 

The best interests of the child should be the most important issue to consider.  There should be consistency across the state. 

Please adopt those new rules. 





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