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9/12/11  2:18 pm
Commenter: Fred Krohn, Vanishing Tower

Replace the bad paradigm!

Our nation has been too long hostage to Puritan scam, fraud, and false ethics. We must start on a new path, where real crimes like rape, pædophilia, and violent spousal abuse become the proscribed sins, while stable homes with loving partners or spouses become a platform for the recovery of Virginia and the USA. The public moral should only discourage blatant sexual performance in public, not force people into unacceptable choices of life partners. Those who intend to participate in the home should choose each other, not be chosen by outsiders such as churches, neighbours, courts, or clueless and non-participating family members. We should all be free to choose who we establish a consenting adult household with.

If anyone is 'dæmonised', it should be the rapist, burglar, pædophile, spousal abuser, or arsonist, not a neighbour couple who pull their blinds down and shut their doors before sex - regardless of the gender of the partners. Find out why railroads choose who they do for conductors and ticket agents; see why others have ditched the homophobic scam and accepted all neighbours who keep their clothes on in public and aren't stealing from or raping other people. We need to go forward to efficient connection with all citizens, not go back to semi-theocratic madness of the past. All peaceful faiths should have a chance in our nation, with only vicious, violent, or outright fraudulent scams pretending to be faith excluded. We need to mature as a society and extirpating such filth as homophobia, caste, and 'cliques' should be a major trend in our new direction.

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