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9/12/11  2:14 pm
Commenter: John Ashley

For the child's sake, equal protection under the law

As a Virginia native, and former Community Service Board employee in the state, I can attest that many versions of family do, and will continue to, exist.  These families, in addition to the numerous children making their way through our foster and adoption services, deserve equal opportunity and protections regarding adoption and foster parenting in this great state. 

Growing up with numerous children of gay parent's, I know in my heart, their childhoods' were not much different than mine.  The factors most important to me and my friends alike, were unconditional love, encouragement, and stability.  All things that may be provided by adoptive parents and foster parents, of all orientations.  To think, and more importanly implement policy, with anything other than these things in mind, does a great dis-service to the children in our social service program and the state as a whole.

I have had my chance to see many sub-par parents, many of whom could fit into one socially-imposed classification, yet this board would never write their policy to prohibit that group from adopting/ fostering.

Please don't be bullied by a vocal, and ignorant minority into keeping children in need from their (potential) loving and supportive homes

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