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9/12/11  12:33 pm
Commenter: Patricia J. Lewis

Gay Marriage and Adoption

I wish that people would understand that everything in the biological world is diverse and that human sexuality simply reflects this biodiversity. I also wish that those who use religious texts to support their bigotry would also enforce other antiquated rules (such as killing one's wife is she is unfaithful, or that people who have flat noses and are blind or lame cannot go to the alter of God, etc) instead of cherry picking those that they find distasteful (e.g., homosexuality).

I'm also tired of being a productive tax paying VA resident who is NOT afforded the same rights as the rest of my fellow Virginians. In the 21st century, not being able to marry someone I love or adopt a child out of love in this state if you happen to be gay or lesbain is pretty pitiful. I, for one, am tired of bigotry, fear and ignorance being disguised as morality.

Patricia J. Lewis

Alexandria, VA


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