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9/12/11  7:53 am
Commenter: Soomie Ahn, Virginia resident

I support Anti Discrimination protections for prospective parents

I support adoption regulations including anti-discrimination protections for prospective parents based on sexual orientation, disability, age, gender, race, color, national origin, political or religious affiliation.

If it's all about the children and we (the adults) are really truly putting the children's needs first, then we have to support anti-discrimination protections.

Kids who are in the system just want to have a forever family.

There was a news show who looked into California state's policies towards inter-racial adoption (e.g., white family adopting black child). Their policies were (still are?) aimed towards placing kids with families of their own race. Well, the numbers don't lie -- there aren't enough black families adopting black kids out of the system. Agency representatives were interviewed, challenged -- they insisted it was the best policy for the welfare of the children.

Children who aged out of the system and those still in the system were also interviewed. Every single one of them said, on camera, they didn't care if they were adopted by a family of a different race. They just wanted a family.

If you personally are not opening your home and adopting kids, then I don't believe you have any right to impose your own views that would prevent someone else from adopting. These kids -- they just want their own family.

Let them have a family.

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