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9/27/22  1:08 am
Commenter: Eric Thomas Ayers

No study needed, open pit mines = destruction

Beside the incessant clear cutting, already badly damaged James and Appomattox rivers, and existing superfund sites in Buckingham county, do we really need to discuss an open pit gold mine and the risks it poses to the community? Such a proposition could only come from a foreign corporation unconcerned with the greater populations well-being instead solely focused on their own greed and fiscal gain. Over 500,000 abandoned mines currently exist in the US, leaching toxic chemicals and minerals into the water and poisoning waterways as their legacy for generations to come. Such an objective could only come to fruition if the right pockets are lined and back door deals made despite public outcry. As this community has made clear in the comment section of this forum and in every other homeowners driveway sign in Buckingham, no goldmine is welcome here in Buckingham county. We the people value our future generations access to clean water and health above the monetary profit of a select foreign entity. 

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