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3/20/22  7:09 pm
Commenter: Lindsay B. Trittipoe

In Favor of Hummel Field Runway Project

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I am in favor of the proposed project to build a new, longer runway at W75, Hummel Field, Middlesex County, Virginia. 

I am a pilot and currently own an American Legend SuperCub, and have previously owned two turbine powered aircraft.  Should the proposed 3,200' runway be approved, I intend to purchase one of the hangars that Mr. Oscar Barber is presently constructing.  And I will most likely buy another turboprop airplane to base at Hummel to use for business travel, too   Without the new, longer runway, I wouldn't dream of basing a turboprop airplane at Hummel. 

The proposed 3,200' runway will be a game changer for Hummel Field for several reasons:

  1. The longer runway will materially improve safety. The present 2,180' runway is simply too short for safe operations of many types of general aviation aircraft. For example, the runway isn't long enough to get many types of planes safely stopped if the takeoff roll has to be aborted after reaching takeoff speed.  Plus, the present runway is really short for doing night landings safely, especially considering that approaches to the South have to be made over a point of land with houses and tall trees.  But the proposed 3,200' runway will be long enough for safe operations of most types of general aviation aircraft, excluding jets.

  2. A precision GPS approach will improve safety.  The proposed 3,200' runway will most likely meet the FAA's minimum runway length requirements for issuing a precision LPV GPS approach, which the airport currently lacks. Having an LPV GPS approach will materially improve operational safety because it will allow instrument rated pilots to descend in the clouds before breaking out at 200' to 250' to safely land. 
  3. The proposed runway alignment will add to safety, too.  This is a subtle point but the proposed new runway, aligned slightly more downriver, will allow pilots making an approach to land from the North the ability to fly up the cove, where they can make a lower, flatter approach with no obstructions. This will be much safer than the present situation, where we have to come in over the point of land with houses and tall trees. 

    I can't speak for the homeowners who live on the aforementioned point of land, but I suspect they will also likely appreciate the new runway because airplanes will no longer be landing and departing directly over their homes. 

I am not aware of any environmental issues that would preclude this project from going forward as planned. Accordingly, I urge you to quickly approve this project. 


Lindsay B. Trittipoe
1057 Monaskon Road
Lancaster, VA 22503
804-282-0100 ext 1

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