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Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
Comment Period Ended on 1/15/2014
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1/15/14  2:10 pm
Commenter: E Neira - mother, grandma & concerned citizen

Support for Amendment- It's time!/ Concerned Citizen

It is obvious that most comments on this page are from teachers and school superintendents who do not want to be bothered to change what many parents feel is sensitive, "in your face" sexual content that is inappropriate for their children.  Some comments mention that "parents should talk to their children."  This is true, but many educators' comments seem to believe their students are ready to hear about insensitive behavior that most households in the past never encountered.

Only in the past 40 years, since Sex Education was thrust into the classroom, students have been subjected to pornographic and vulgar material.  Is there no help from the education system to bring about a more genteel, wholesome environment to our students studies?

We are learning of inaccurate and unbalanced facts of history in their studies, and asking students to give answers to questions that have a false premise.  Parents deserve the opportunity to view text books and other materials used by teachers and ask for corrections where needed.  It is disappointing that those responsible for selecting materials for the curriculum are deciding on unsuitable, inaccurate, and in some cases learning techniques being used that indoctrinate the students.

It is time we accept the proposed amendments regarding use of controversial or sensitive instructional materials. Time taken in the classroom could be better used to teach early reading skills and what appears to be the lost art of writing legibly, either in print or cursive.  Our culture, for the most part, has become so self centered, coarse, and lacking in manners that parents who wish to train their children common courtesies are faced with many obstacles.  Students are bombarded with indecent actions and behavior from TV, movies, "smart" phones, and the internet.

It would be helpful if our tax dollars would go toward materials not so controversial and degrading for the pupils classroom environment.




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