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Regulations Governing the Secondary School Transcript [8 VAC 20 ‑ 160]
Action Comprehensive Revisions to the Regulations Governing Secondary School Transcripts
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10/16/21  7:42 pm
Commenter: Matthew Savage

Advanced Course Weighting

I'm concerned with some of the proposed changes to 8VAC20-160-50 "Weight of advanced-level courses," specifically, striking the word "shall" with "may." By removing the requirement that school divisions include weighted grading for IB/AP courses, there would be inconsistencies between the grade point averages of students achieving the same grades in the same courses, but who merely live in different school districts. I don't understand the intention of the Board with this change, but I support the rest of the revisions.

CommentID: 111972

10/26/21  1:09 pm
Commenter: Liz Parker

8 VAC 20-160-60. Elements for weighting.

I do not see where Elements for Weighting is included in the revision proposal, although it is currently part of transcript regulations. Does this mean that there are no proposed revisions to this section and that it will remain as is, or is it being proposed that this section is no longer included in transcript regulations? This section provides valuable direction for local school divisions that results in some form of consistency for the weighting of courses, and I would recommend that this section remain. Thank you!

CommentID: 116566

11/1/21  3:31 pm
Commenter: Janet K. Smith

Support of proposed revision regarding SAT/ACT score opt in

I am in full support of the proposed revision regarding the inclusion of SAT/ACT test scores on a student transcript, changing the policy from an opt-out to an opt-in. 

CommentID: 116590

11/2/21  9:02 am
Commenter: Charlie Williams

In favor of SAT/ACT Opt-In

I write to support the proposed change to status of standardized test scores on student transcripts to opt-in. From observations working with students and transcripts in a school building, it would clearly be to their benefit to approve this change.


CommentID: 116604

11/10/21  8:42 am
Commenter: Morgan Meadowes

Opt in for Test Scores

As a high school counselor, I am fully in support of making test scores on transcripts be an opt IN. Many universities are continuing their test optional policy and students (and counselors!) are required to go through extra steps to NOT report scores to schools, creating more work for everyone. Students should have easy control over what information is sent to colleges. There is no advantage to including scores on transcripts as it is unofficial anyway - colleges who require official scores will not accept transcript scores. Colleges who accept unofficial scores will ask students to self report in the application. Scores are not automatically updated after each test and therefore often not accurate for students' most recent test, which can then be contradictory to what students self report. Making test scores opt IN is the best route for everyone.

CommentID: 116715

11/10/21  8:57 am
Commenter: Susie Good

Opt in for test scores

I write to support the proposed change to the status of Standardized Test Scores to opt-in.  I believe this change would benefit the students that I work with

CommentID: 116716