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10/14/21  10:34 am
Commenter: Luke

Please Allow Supervision via Telemedicine

Allowance of speech language pathologists to supervise assistants via telemedicine makes workplaces safer and modernizes SLP practice. Please allow this to happen.

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10/17/21  7:56 pm
Commenter: Chriss

Funding will come from ...?

Before we add positions we must ask if we have the funding and if not, where will the funding come from?  If TELE-conference why not have parents participate if supervision is deemed essential?  Maybe I don't undertstand fully but if it's accesible via computer screen then more than one person can be at each end.  It shouldn't have to cost tax payer $ when we're in an already crazy-bad economy due to poor leadership on all levels AND we have such a shortage of teachers anyway.  This sounds like one mom who wants a babysitter for her kid's tele-class.  If I'm wrong, pardon.  If I'm right, none of us deserve/have earned special treatment or favor. 

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10/18/21  11:29 am
Commenter: Terri

Allow the use of telemedicine for the supervision of SLPAs & increase the number allowed to supervis

ITCVA is in favor of allowing Speech language pathologists to use telemedicine to supervise speech language pathology assistants.  We are also in favor of increasing the number of SLPAs allowed to be supervised by each SLP from 2 to allowing each SLP to determine how many they are capable of supervising.  This grows the capacity of this specialized field and allows better access for families with children needing the service.  Thank you for your consideration.

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10/19/21  2:58 pm
Commenter: Mary Ellen Plitt

Telemedicine in the Supervision of speech-language assistants

It is essential that families participating in early intervention services receive these services in their natural environments.  Many families in Viriginia live in areas where there is a shortage of providers and SLPAs are an answer to providing quality services in those areas.  In order to increase access for families with infants and toddlers eligible for early intervention services, we need to allow for flexibility with regards to how SLPAs are supervised.  I support the use of telemedicine for supervisoin by an SLP and I also support allowing the SLP or the SLP's employing agency to determine the number of SLPAs that can be effectively supervised by that SLP.

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11/10/21  5:31 am
Commenter: Ruman

Speech-language pathologists

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists assess, diagnose, treat, and help to prevent speech and hearing problems caused by accidents, diseases, and genetic disorders.

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