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3/20/23  8:10 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Don’t like this change

I worry that the drafting of this was done hastily. Especially because of the recent train derailment, it seems unwise to drastically reduce regulations so much.

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3/20/23  8:14 pm
Commenter: Catherine Sword

Regulations are regulations, they should affect everyone equally

When it comes to safety, everyone ought to follow the same guidelines. Just because one organization is smaller, does not mean that there should be less regulations on the way they handle hazardous waste. Waste is still dangerous, the size of an organization who makes it is irrelevant. If they cannot safely deal with the byproducts of their manufacturing processes, then perhaps they should not be manufacturing hazardous substances in the first place.

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3/20/23  8:44 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Don’t repeal hazardous waste regulations

Small businesses should not be exempt from hazardous waste regulations. These regulations were put in place for a reason and they should stay in place.

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3/20/23  9:35 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Regulations must be kept in place for everyone's safety

Small businesses should not be exempt from hazardous waste regulations. These regulations are put in place for good reasons and we have done enough damage to our earth as is. The only way we prevent more of this damage is by stepping in now and forcing these businesses to dispose of hazardous waste correctly.

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3/20/23  9:51 pm
Commenter: A Fellow

Hazardous Choices

A lot of modern materials are rather hazardous, and even in "small" quantities. The recent incidents in the news have demonstrated such. Clearly, it's important to make sure everyone follows the same rules. Said rules make sure that materials/substances are handled in a way that minimizes risk of such hazards being introduced to environments they are harmful to, whether that be where we are settled, or the surrounding landscapes that we often trek. The economic impacts of hazardous spills or incidents are long term costs, and high ones. Pinning those on the one's responsible, the businesses that failed, is also an administrative cost that doesn't seem to be considered often enough. Keeping regulations saves the government the work of exacting justice, and keeps our citizens safer.


Additionally, adjusting rules to not affect all corporate entities leaves a rather concernable loophole of using many small businesses to stay under the safety regulations, in which these corporations would be the same in all but name. They would have the same impact as a large business but somehow still be legal, defeating the point of repealing the current regulations. Companies have already demonstrated in many cases that they can, and will, do such things to cut costs, and the costs of such activities will be left on us, unfairly.


Understand that whatever benefits one thinks they see currently by deregulation of this extent in industry, they will be cost far more in the future.

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3/20/23  9:57 pm
Commenter: anon

Regulations are Necessary

The decrease in regulatory requirements would put Virginians at risk. Protections are necessary. It is not a question. Putting yourself in the pockets of corporations will not benefit you in the long run. This is not a move for Virginians, it is a move for Youngkin. He is not for the people, we do not want this. You are elected by the people and are supposed to work for the people, not take handouts from corporations that couldn’t care less about us.

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3/20/23  10:12 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Deregulations Are Anti-Virginian

Deregulation of the environment puts the very people of this state at risk.

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3/20/23  11:00 pm
Commenter: Chris Arcangeli

Hazardous waste needs regulation

In the wake of the East Palestine train derailment, we need to take steps to prevent that kind of disaster from happening in our state. Exemptions for small business will not accomplish this. Strict safety regulations will keep both the citizens of the Commonwealth and it's natural beauty safe.

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